I heart Vijous
The Doll Collection features Paige and Ginger, two fun-loving girls with a healthy obsession for boxed wine, candy and boys. They are free-spirited, always in search for a good time and make no apologies for their wild ways. Even though they look exactly the same except for their hair color, Paige (the brunette) likes to believe she's the wiser, more sophisticated one while Ginger (the blonde) is silly and immature. For the viewer, they are both equal with their bright red lips, blue eyes and extravagant hairstyles. The fact that they're always nude just reinforces their care-free nature.

To purchase one of the images on canvas or any other medium, please contact Julia at "julia at vijous dot com". Click here to view the canvas on a wall.

“They are the girly, hyper-feminine alter personalities to myself... They’re just two fun loving girls in pursuit of men, boxed wine and every photo opportunity around the world. Catty, funny and youthful, they also offer an opportunity for me to feel ‘safe’ speaking in their kinds of voices, much like a ventriloquist.” - Julia Gomelsky

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